Where to find interior design inspiration.

As we immerse ourselves in the age of aesthetics, it would be fair to say that interior design is more popular than ever. Everything from eye-catching statement walls to head-to-toe neutrals has had its time in the limelight, and what remains is figuratively a blank canvas. Right now, nothing is too much, and in the same breath, nothing is too little therefore leaving a vast creative chasm for those wanting to spruce up their home.

The beauty of what we create at Chronology is that our pieces slide right in and add a classic statement of their own no matter the setting you design. However, if you're stuck with finding that design inspiration, we are here to help you along the way. 

So, come on a journey with us and let's explore the best places to find design inspiration.

Keeping it natural. 

The most regularly overlooked source of inspiration is the life that moves all around us. Nature is a great place to begin your interior design journey; it offers lots of variance in terms of colours and movements as well as evoking feelings within us. 

Animal prints and photographs offer energetic alternatives to classic family portraits, whereas oceans and beaches can provide a calmness to even the most chaotic of surroundings. 

If you are looking for a monochromatic colour scheme, cityscapes can bring that slice of familiarity and create something that a splash of any colour can complement. 

It may seem obvious for us to say, but natural materials are pivotal to all of our products. The Chronology signature style combines scaffold boards waxed to a beautiful, warm, rustic look to create a slice of nature within your home. 

Venture out of your comfort zone

Regardless of the project you are building, moving away from the same four walls can offer you a new perspective. If you've been sitting staring at your space, trying to imagine how certain items will look and feel within it, then it's time for a change. Travel is one of the most universal ways creatives find inspiration, so why won't it work for you?

Think about how the architecture around you can change your opinion on shapes and figures. When you find yourself in new surroundings, you immerse yourself in an altogether different way. If you are open to learning and growing your vision, think about taking a trip to a new city. Visit the libraries, museums and the most popular outdoor spaces and see how they make you feel. Travelling opens your mind and broadens your horizons, quite literally. So, take the time to see things differently.

The modern inspiration 

It goes without saying that a large portion of modern-day life revolves around online activity. It's where we meet people, converse and where we spend our money, in fact, it's where most of us earn our money too! For many years, sharing an insight into your home was fairly taboo. But with the emergence of social media, all of that changed, and more recently, decor and design have become two of the nation's favourite content themes.

As more people share their artistic vision, it has created a subculture whereby the digital world has become one of the greatest places for interior inspiration. Online you get to see the genuine outcomes of jobs that real people have put together, which offers a far more realistic vision than a product catalogue or colour swatch. The more inventive and innovative the general public becomes, the more pieces of inspiration there are out there for you to build your own interior design puzzle.

Where should you be looking? Firstly, start with Instagram; if there's an aesthetically pleasing interior out there, it's probably already on the 'gram. You won't have to look far, we are sure of it! Whether you are looking for an account based around someone's recent home renovation or a particular product and all of its uses, you'll find it reasonably easy. In fact, why not follow the link below and visit our feed? You'll see how flexible our products can be when twinned with a fresh coat of thinking.

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If you are currently at the inspiration collection stage of your interior journey, we would always suggest taking a trip around Pinterest too! On Pinterest, you can collect all of your favourite ideas in one place as you start to imagine how they will fit together, like a virtual sticker book or mood board. 

Our favourite thing about Pinterest is that you can gather your inspiration on different boards. If you label each board as a separate room in your house, you can visualise the combined project as a whole. For example, in your dining room, you could twin one of our fantastic dining tables with some splashes of greenery, or in your office, one of our bespoke desks with your favourite books. It makes the whole process simple, manageable and you can gather as many or as few ideas as you want.

With us!

With a sparkling new website comes increased responsibility, and that's precisely why you should choose to find your interior inspiration with us. 

Across our site, we have lots of examples of our products being used by our customers. At Chronology, we aim to provide all of our customers with products that will make their rooms stand out. That's why the images we use aren't staged or of blank showrooms; we offer real-life bespoke solutions at affordable prices, and we are incredibly proud of it.

 Long gone are the days of painting your walls and searching high and low to find furniture that fits the theme. Now it's all about finding stand out, quality products that not only breathe life into any room but offer longevity and flexibility for when the time to redecorate inevitably arrives. We like to think that's what a handmade piece of Chronology furniture brings to each of our customers.

So, where next we hear you saying. Well, if you haven't already realised, in the interior design sector, the world is your oyster. Start formulating ideas, building your mood boards and piecing together your dream. We believe that every room should say a little bit about the owner, and achieving something unique is no longer something reserved for those with endless pots of money. 

Take a digital wander around our online store, and think about how our rustic handmade furniture could be the talking point in your new space. Just click the link below; once you've done browsing, reach out to us, we are here to help. We hope to hear from you soon.

February 08, 2022