What are the ideal colour combinations to match with our bespoke finishes.

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you will have noticed the influx of colour in the world of interior design. Long gone are the constant greys and creams and in their place is a sprinkle of life, and honestly, we are all for it. 

The beauty of what we do at Chronology is that our products are incredibly flexible in terms of when and where you can use them. Our handmade pieces are crafted to stand out; therefore, what you do around them is entirely up to you. The canvas is blank, and you can shape your room to fit all of your wants and needs.

This blog will talk about some of the brilliant ways our products can fit into your plans and share some of our experiences as to what colours will work best for your next renovation.

Let's skip to the good part.

A Splash of Life (Green)

Green is potentially our favourite colour to pair with our products. Obviously, it goes without saying that green and any hue of wooden finish is perfectly complementary. 

However, in recent years, green has become vastly more popular. In fact, at the moment, you can't go anywhere without seeing a splash of one green tone or another. When it comes to picking the perfect finish, we would suggest pairing forest shades of green with our antique finish. 

We love the way one of our handmade cabinets really stands proud against a green wall; trust us, it's fantastic. Or maybe you'd like to bring a splash of life to your room? We suggest pairing a  houseplant or some flowers and letting their vase sit front and centre on one of our tables. Again, in Antique finish, of course.

Channelling the sky (pale blues and greys)

Unfortunately for us, it's not all open blue skies in the UK, so when we take inspiration from the sky above us, we generally mean pale blues and greys. What's brilliant about both of these options is that they can be used to add the slightest pop of colour to an almost neutral room, or you can paint every wall in a wonderful light and airy colour. 

Right now, pale blues are an option that more and more people are leaning towards, and we totally get it. When it comes to picking one of our products, we see our Rustic finish as the perfect colour option. It has an almost similar quality to it as the greys and blues do themselves, therefore, creating a seamless blend. 

How's about trying some of our handmade shelving? When pressed up against the colour of the wall, they are a match made in heaven. 

For the winter months (warmer colours)

We have all been there, sat shivering in a house that never seems to warm up. Well, this feeling can actually be down to the colour palette you have selected during your last renovation. Cold colours can manifest into feeling cold physically, and that's not ideal during those long winter months. 

So, what do you do? Well, you elect a selection of warmer colours for the rooms in which you spend the most time. Oranges, maroons and browns are often a wise choice, as they can be manipulated enough not to make your room too garish or offensive. 

When it comes to picking something from the Chronology range for a warm room, we suggest a coffee table in our golden finish. Why? Well, coffee tables typically fit into your main living space as they are usable and don't eat into your space too much. They also create a busier area, which gives off the portrayal of warmth and heat.

Our golden finish does what it says on the tin; it provides a darker feel to our hand-crafted reclaimed tables and emanates warmth throughout your living room. Combine with a cosy colour palette, and you'll never worry about winter again.

Keeping it simple (Neutrals)

We couldn't write a blog about interior colour schemes without mentioning neutrals; it just wouldn't be right! As the generations change, and so do the trends, there will always be room in the interior design world for a neutral colour palette.

Why? Well, because neutrals make life easy. You can match anything you wish with simple colour, and you can even go from zero to a hundred by adding something incredibly bright to your previously white-washed walls. 

Many of our customers lean towards a simple colour scheme in their home office due to clean and open walls helping increase focus and removing clutter from the mind. At Chronology, we always suggest twinning one of our fantastic desks with our Pale finish to keep everything understated and slick. Our pale finish works brilliantly against white or cream walls and looks natural and clean.

It's important to remember these are only suggestions, and our finishes can be applied to any product you purchase from us. Therefore you can make your already unique product a little more bespoke by making it fit precisely into your specifications. 

At Chronology, a lot of love goes into every piece of furniture that we create, and our team is driven by a family mentality and the desire to produce stand-out furniture for every home. We are an independent store based in North Yorkshire that loves building bespoke products. Our signature style of reclaimed scaffold boards and raw steel metalwork is something we're incredibly proud of, and we hope you love your piece as much as we enjoyed making it. 

If anything you have read in this blog has sparked your interest or would like to discuss your project with our team of experts, simply follow the link below and reach out. We can't wait to hear from you.

March 07, 2022