Say hello to the new us (well, the same us, just fresher)

Intro: - 2022 is here, and spring is on our doorstep, so what better time to breathe some life into Chronology! We know how committed our customers are, and we wanted to offer them something in return this year. 

So, here we are, a cleaner, slicker version of the Chronology you love, with a sparkling new logo and a website that has usability at its core. We just wanted to take a few minutes to talk you through what we've changed and how our new outlook will benefit all of our customers. 

So, let's not waste any more time! 

A slice of branding

With 2022 comes a new look Chronology. We decided that it was time to push our business into a more modern look and feel. We wanted to create something for all of our customers, whereby they could build a relationship with us as a brand as well as with our products. 

When it comes to a brand refresh, we knew it would never be an easy task and that we'd have to make every decision based on the character of the business. We are pretty certain we've got it spot on!

So what have you changed?

Well, firstly, we've tweaked our brand as a whole. You may have noticed the logo. Well, the thinking was that if we created a sharp and recognisable logo, our customers would be able to pick us out from the crowd, and therefore they would always end up with Chronology quality products. The last thing we want is you ending up with less than you deserve! 

The colour scheme throughout the site is new too! It will now make up part of our brand and will hopefully make the whole shopping experience a little easier on the eye. The soft colours are there to create a comforting experience whilst also looking great when paired with our bespoke handmade furniture. We know how hard the past few years have been and therefore we hope you feel calm when looking at our colour scheme.

The final piece to our lovely new brand is probably the most under-the-radar, our subtle yet professional new font. You may think we are crazy, but when it comes to creating marketing or anything that is customer-facing, we want you to know it's us. Our font represents that we are a family run company, and that's how we will stay, so we wanted something readable and fun too because furniture is fun, right?

The brand as a whole is going to continue developing as we do. It opens up our boundaries substantially from where we were and offers all that buy with us a slice of a more delicious proposition. Say hello to Chronology 2.0!

Did you notice that our brilliant new logo is made out of planks like our products? Have a look back; once you've seen it, you can't unsee it!

It's time to open up our online shop.

We want to welcome you into our new home! Don't forget to wipe your feet on the mat on the way in. So, here we are, online with a website of our own, and it feels great! When it comes to owning a brick and mortar factory, we've already had to move a couple of times to bigger premises, but we still felt constrained by our little online Etsy store. Now, all of that has changed. 

There are lots of reasons for the move up in the online world, and almost all of them are logical. Of course, we wanted a surrounding that would best showcase all of the tremendously hard work that goes into our products. But, we also wanted something that we could be proud of and would enjoy calling home. So, here it is.

Having our own store means lots of things; for example, we can now easily upload items so that our customers know exactly what we have ready to be shipped and what can be custom ordered. It also gives us the freedom to expand our offering. If we are busy behind the scenes working on something new, there won't be any delay before you're able to purchase online. In terms of products alone, our new site will be a win-win for our customers.

The site will also create somewhere to reach us if you ever need to ask any questions or if you're looking for some advice. However, the Chronology team will go one further, and we will keep you in the loop with all of the latest sector gossip in our blog.

Growth, from our garage to the world.

It's fair to say that the journey so far for us has been amazing, from our humble home garage to shipping products around the UK to lots of loving customers. The beauty of being a business that started from the ground up is that all of our loyal clients can come along with us for the ride. You get to see the progression first hand, and we would like to think that our new branding and website is just part of the journey. 

The important thing to remember about Chronology is that we still remain very much a family business. Our core ethics remain the same, as does the level of service and quality of product we provide. In fact, those are all things that will never change; no matter how fantastic the branding or clean the website is, we will still always be the same Chronology.

Shopping with us.

Whether you've ended up here because you've purchased from us before or you've wandered in out of the cold, you're always welcome. If you notice anything on the website that catches your eye or sparks your interest, feel free to reach out to us to find out more! 

Thanks for spending some time learning about all the new bits and pieces; we hope you love the new look Chronology as much as we do.

January 08, 2022